Managing Time With Our CRM

Organization is Wise Agent's middle name. Keep yourself or your whole real estate team on track with a calendar, to-do lists, and more.



Find your completely integrated calendar on your home page of Wise Agent. The calendar is team-friendly and connects with your contact records and transaction checklists. Our 2-way sync with Google allows you to add appointments in either platform and have them appear in both places. Plus, we make it easy for you to set reminders via email and text for upcoming appointments.

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Task List

Create a roadmap for your day with our Task List. The task list pulls in all your upcoming tasks across your real estate checklists and puts them on your home page so you know what to focus on. You can add additional tasks right from your homepage as well as from contact records. Assign tasks to team members and set up automated alerts for upcoming tasks with just a few clicks.

Goal Tracking

Wise Agent’s Goal Tracker gives you and your team tangible sales goals to work towards to visualize your success and the steps needed to get you there. Set annual sales goals and show how many transactions are required in order to achieve them. The Goal Tracker integrates directly with our Commission Reports and updates when a transaction is marked as closed.

Our monthly goals give you a breakdown of tasks that get you to those annual sales goals. Create custom goals, such as the number of monthly open houses or calls made, and track your progress throughout the year. The Goal Tracker is a fantastic tool for working with a Real Estate Coach or tracking progress and accountability for a team.

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Education Tracking

With this feature, you can keep track of your classes and upcoming tests in one location to plan your schedule accordingly and ensure that you meet your education requirements on time. No more searching through emails to find the information you need. Education tracking also allows you to record completion dates for each class or exam you attend. This means you can comprehensively record your educational accomplishments comprehensively and easily access them when needed.

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Wise Agent Time Management

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Let Wise Agent CRM hold all of that information for you so you can clear it out of your mind. Here are a couple of time management features of our real estate CRM that we think you’ll love!

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