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We work really hard at integrating 3rd party technologies into our real estate CRM that benefit Realtors. Get bonus calculators, reporting functionality, and more through our integrations.


Tools For Running Your Business

Knowing your numbers means understanding your business. Wise Agent’s CRM reporting tool gives you insights into everything from the value of your lead sources to the performance of your marketing campaigns. Find detailed reporting for everything you do in your business so you can easily decide what isn’t working and what is bringing money to the table.

Our specially designed Broker reporting can give you an agent-by-agent breakdown of CRM usage, appointments made, and deals closed. Gain transparency into how often agents follow up with leads and how they utilize marketing and transaction tools in their day-to-day.

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We want to help you organize as much as you can into one central location. That’s why we’ve worked so hard at adding tools and integrations into our real estate CRM!

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