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Class Description

Wise Agent’s Marketing Tools make it easy for you to keep in touch with past clients and new leads alike! Learn all about how to maximize your message with the following features:

  • Newsletters
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Bulk Email and Text Messages
  • Printed Letters
  • Landing Pages

See the power of the most recommended Real Estate CRM! This class will provide you with a high-level overview of all the tools Wise Agent has to offer. Learn about:

  • Time Management
  • Contact Management
  • Marketing Tools
  • Transaction Management
  • Plus, get any and all of your questions answered!

Contact Management is the core of any CRM system. Learn how to:

  • Organize your contacts by Category and Source
  • Customize your Searches to locate Contacts based on Specific Criteria
  • Perform Bulk Actions with Contacts
  • Record All Contact Details including Notes

Keeping track of all the steps involved in order to close a successful transaction can be tough! Wise Agent’s Transaction Training will show you:

  • How to Create a Template for each Type of Transaction
  • Creating a Specific Checklist for each Buyer/Seller/Etc
  • Tracking your Commissions through the Pipeline

Marketing is a vital source of finding and locking down leads. Learn how to:

  • Create a letter to print, save as PDF, or email
  • Add a letter to a drip campaign
  • Create a stock campaign
  • Create a custom campaign
  • Find your campaign on the calendars
  • How to add and remove contacts
  • And more!

Newsletters and flyers can be a valuable resource for your business. Some other topics covered will include:

  • Creating a print newsletter
  • Creating an emailed newsletter
  • Finding previous newsletters
  • How to send the newsletter
  • How to create a flyer - adding a property, images, and details
  • How to save the flyer so you can print it
  • Saving the flyer as a jpg to then attach to an email
  • And more!

Some topics we will cover include:

  • Going into depth with the contact list
  • Contact summary page
  • Leads page
  • How to send a bulk text
  • How to send a single text
  • How to send a bulk email
  • How to attach a YouTube video or image to an email
  • How to find saved emails
  • Where to find reporting for emails and texts

Not sure what to ask? Our team will cover any of the following:

  • Benefits to your business on using specific CRM features
  • See how integrations with our partners work
  • A step-by-step guide to setting up marketing or transaction workflows
  • How key CRM features work together within the platform



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Understand the Power of Wise Agent.

Discover the numerous ways in which Wise Agent can enhance and optimize your real estate business by exploring its features and capabilities.